Saturday, October 2, 2010

Breaking the YO-YO cylcle

On a couple of occasions in September I sat down to write something on my blog and the words would not flow!!

September for me was a real mixed bag with the return of several episodes of binge eating but also overall success with significant milestones being achieved. The BIG 30kg goal and 30% loss were ticked off and a real personal high of getting into the 60's again!! But along with those successes came a great fear that I had reached a point where in the passed I have got to on to many occasions over the years which had also been a turning point and the upwards climb would begin.

I do not want to go through that EVER AGAIN but it is something that is absorbing my thoughts!! Maybe its a good thing as I have heightened my resolve to succeed but that fear of failure is very much at the fore of my thoughts and the successes have faded into the background.

With the dawn of a new Month I have started a new Non Scale Victory list. This list will be about changing my thought processes from a negative fear of failure to one focusing on the success.

I plan to see a psychologist and explore the reasons that I have not let myself succeed in the past.

I am determined to break the cycle......


  1. It's uncanny that you and I are in similar head-spaces right now. I started September at 111, went down to 110.4, up to 113, and back to 111. A non-productive, non-losing non-month!!
    I feel like I've reached a plateau, but not in the usual sense. It's not like I'm working hard and not losing. But I feel like I've plateaued in my efforts and thinking.
    We have to shake ourselves and get out of this!!
    I'm hoping that getting back to a routine will fix me. It's been over-busy here lately with work, the trip to NZ, and non-stop visitors. You have had big upheavals in your life lately too.
    Let's uncork those bottles we preserved when we felt so invincible, and get back to it.

  2. Liz - I think the idea of a psychologist is a very good idea. I have similar problems to the ones you've identified. I think maybe instead of thinking as us thinking as a person who has say 'lost 30kg' or one who has '30kg to go' we should just be in the present. Does that sound silly. Here we are today - oops I'm a bit overweight and will need to lose some. I think if we can get down to our goals - and you are so close - we can then deal with the present every day. If we put on a kg or 2, it's back to it. My leader still does WW and what she does is have one breakout day a week. I think that's a great idea and it gets your body out of the idea that it has to hold on to every ounce (or gram). Good luck with your frame of mind in the coming month. I'm sure you can do this. You look fantastic by the way. :)